This website presents some examples of my freelance work as a journalist and photographer which has not been published elsewhere. I work mainly in English, but can arrange articles to be available in German on request. My work and this internet presence are covered by German law (see Imprint for data protection information and legal blurb in German). I strive to work in line within the German Press Code of ethics, and unless otherwise agreed, my rates are normally in line with the agreement between dju (ver.di), DVJ and The Federation of German Newspaper Publishers – see standard rates (in German) for more information. For photographs, my rates are normally in line with BVPA (“Bundesverband professioneller Bildanbeiter“). For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

All articles and photographs on this website are copyrighted by Mike Wright (see contact info below). I assert the rights to all photographs and texts offered as samples on this internet presence. Any unauthorised use or copying of my work will be charged at at least three times (300%) my normal rates.

I have studied electronics, communications, philosophy, politics, psychology, economics, computer science, information technology, artificial intelligence, economics and global political economy at university degree level (B.A,) or higher.

I have been active either professionally or voluntarily in producing and publishing all types of publications my whole working life, as a freelance editor, journalist, publisher, layouter / typesetter,  been employed in engineering and education, and I have a wide range of interests. I have edited and written for a number of academic and technical journals including PHP Magazine, a journal on tropical agriculture and various EU publications.

My main areas of expertise include, in no particular order: Politics, International Political Economy, Photography, Education, Agriculture, Current Affairs, Culture, Germany, Information Technology, People, Technology, Economics, Political Campaigns, European Union, European politics, European Integration, Programming, Computer Science, Internet, Computer Hardware, Software,  Educational Technology, Film.


Mike Wright, Steingraben 36
37318 Hohengandern

Tel: 036081 61643
Fax: 036081 67906
Email: info@mike-wright.eu Public Key: click here
Mobile: 0176 579 19881

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